About Us

I’ll Do It Myself (doitms) is an international DIY startup based in Portugal.

Our mission is to inspire people in doing things on their own and eliminate frustrations by providing the best technology, user-friendly experience with our online service.

Meet Our Team

Timofei, programming

Anastasiia, marketing

Project History


Created a C++ application for Windows for creating cross-stitching pattern by photo for mom.


The application is published and made available for public download.


Rewrote the application with PHP and made available as a software as a service.


Introduced a reward program for our users and started publishing photos of complete work made using patterns created on our service.


Started creating and publishing unique free patterns available to download for our users.


Rewrote the application in microservices architecture hosted on a Kubernetes cluster.


Joined an incubation program at StartUp Lourinhã.


Started business in Portugal and made our projects more user-friendly.

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