Nice Chamomile Flowers Giving A Garden A Spectacular Sight

Nice Chamomile Flowers Giving A Garden A Spectacular Sight
Floss palette DMC 6-strand embroidery floss
Fabric cell size Aida 14
Width 30cm (11.81in)
Height 25.85cm (10.18in)
Number of colors 30
Fractional crosses
Mix colors
More details (complicated)
More colors (complicated)
For printing on a printer (PDF)
Categories Flowers, Grass, White, Green, Summer
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Chamomile is perhaps the most known plant all around the world, with its origins tracing back to ancient days in Europe. They are part of the daisy family and there are two common types: German and Roman Chamomile, with both having medicinal properties as well as uses for beverages and skincare products.

The Chamomile plant grows quickly, with a capacity of reaching full bloom in just 10 weeks, and the best time of the year to plant them in spring. The Roman Chamomile is typically used to soften the edges of stone walls while the German type is more used for making tea. Furthermore, they need full sun exposure as well as completely organic soil to properly grow and blossom, giving beautiful white flowers with vibrant yellow centers. Their bloom season happens during summer, where the sun and the temperature reach optimal conditions for the flowers to appear.

Cross-stitching pattern for cute chamomile bush. The photo provided by Timofey Bugaevsky.

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