Stunning White Bud Resting Calmly On A Tree Branch In The Winter Time

Stunning White Bud Resting Calmly On A Tree Branch In The Winter Time
Floss palette DMC 6-strand embroidery floss
Fabric cell size Aida 14
Width 26.17cm (10.3in)
Height 15.53cm (6.11in)
Number of colors 33
Fractional crosses
Mix colors
More details (complicated)
More colors (complicated)
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Categories Flowers, Bud, Brown, Spring
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Winter is the time where apple trees rest until the warmer days come and buds begin to blossom. Bees are major contributors to apple tree blossomings due to their pollination process, which spreads out the pollen on other flowers and creates more seeds. Furthermore, summer brings bigger and rounder apples that produce new growth and prepare themselves for the harvest season during fall. The majority of apple blossom petals begin with a pink color and fade to white as the season progresses.

Harvesting apples has been a tradition and a very fun activity to do for long generations and it seems like it won’t stop anytime soon. Native Americans used to make apple head dolls with the apples collected, which current school teachers continue to encourage students to imitate to commemorate their ancestors. Apple trees have come a long way since first discovered and continue to serve as a great healthy and delicious option for all ages.

Cross-stitching pattern for a bud on an apple tree in winter. The photo provided by Timofey Bugaevsky.

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