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­kǎiwén­hǎo de的。



­huídá (HSK 3) — to reply; to answer; the answer; CL:个

­gǎnxiè (HSK 4) — (express) thanks; gratitude; grateful; thankful; thanks

­ (HSK 4) — to give; to help; to get along with; and; with

­kǎiwén (HSK +) — Kewin

­shénme (HSK 1) — what?; who?; something; anything

­dāngrán (HSK 3) — of course; without doubt; only natural; as it should be; certainly;

­huí (HSK 1) — to go back; to turn around; to answer; to return; to circle; to revolve; Hui ethnic group; time; classifier for acts of a play; section or chapter (of a classic book)

­jiā (HSK 1) — home; family; classifier for families or businesses; refers to the philosophical schools of pre-Han China; noun suffix for specialists in some activity such as musician or revolutionary, corresponds to English -ist, -er, -ary or -ian; surname Jia; CL:个[ge4]

­méiguānxi (HSK 1) — it doesn't matter

­suíshí (HSK 5) — at any time

­lǎo (HSK 3) — old (of people); venerable (person); prefix used before the surname of a person or a numeral indicating the order of birth of the children in a family or to indicate affection or familiarity; experienced; of long standing; always; all the time; of the past; very; outdated; (of meat etc) tough

­xiǎo (HSK 1) — small; tiny; young

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­ò (HSK 6) — oh; ah

­kěyǐ (HSK 2) — can; may; possible; able to

­rúguǒ (HSK 3) — if; in case; in the event that

­xūyào (HSK 3) — to need; to want; to demand; needs; to require

­dōngxi西 (HSK 1) — thing; stuff; person; CL:个[ge4] ,件[jian4]

­zhǎo (HSK 2) — to try to find; to look for; to call on sb; to find; to seek; to return; to give change

­zhēn (HSK 2) — really; truly; indeed; real; true; genuine

­búkèqi (HSK 1) — you're welcome; it's my pleasure (answer to someone who thanks)

­zài (HSK 2) — again; once more; re-; second; another; then (after sth, and not until then)

­hǎo de (HSK +) — OK

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